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Live Events

Event Design

We create an outstanding experience for  Concerts, Conferences, Gala dinners, Product Launches, cooperate Parties, Team building, Award nights.

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Bigmike focuses on the décor, style, and aesthetics of your event. We listen to your vision and then design all the visual details to transform a venue into that dream. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, or corporate product launch, We will coordinate branding, colour, invitations, centerpieces to a given theme. 

Events Staff

Music Services

Visa & Hr Support

No job is too big, too small or too remote. When building your flexible workforce, we target our marketing to create a team as locally as we possibly can. Talk to us now

We provide Dj service and music streaming service for your need.

We are a one-stop shop for all your events staffing needs especially when it comes to events staff  recruitments. We are your go-to. 


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